MP Political Views on Auckland Unitary Plan

Ellerslie Residents, and Aucklanders, are you wanting Labour Party and National Party views on the Auckland Unitary Plan?

Most Auckland residents do not want the Unitary Plan in its current form. Online sources like the Auckland City blog, and the Auckland City Facebook Page  show this, as well as in local public consultation meetings.

Recently Ellerslie Residents Association Chairman, Bryan Johnson asked for the Labour Party’s position on the Auckland Unitary Plan. Labour MP, Su’a William Sio replies to this. To hear the National Party viewpoint, by Simon O’Connor, come to the ERA’s Monday 20th May meeting at Leicester Hall, Findlay Street, Ellerslie.

Labour Party View of Auckland Unitary Plan

Here is  the Labour Party view of Auckland City Unitary Plan from MP  Su’a William Sio. This is in response to Bryan Johnson’s question on the Auckland City Unitary Plan:

‘Mr Johnson, I believe you are doing the right thing by involving yourself and the Ellerslie Resident’s Association Inc and providing your contribution to improving the Auckland Unitary Plan.

The fact of the matter is Auckland needs a Unitary Plan which will replace the existing and diverse District Plans of the former local councils of Waitakere, Manukau, North Shore, Auckland, Papakura, etc.

The Unitary Plan will provide the rules around the development of the region in anticipation of population growth, new housing, business development, farming, environmental matters, pollution, waterways etc. The Unitary Plan is critical in how much, how fast, how far our region implements the Auckland Plan and develops out to the urban boundaries.

I think the hot issues will be there will be some quarters who’ll want to push out immediately and develop and build as fast as quickly purely with everyone paying for the roading, internet, water & sewage, purely for profiteering in land sales, and then there will be those who’ll be opposed to the cautious approach of building up in some parts of the region with gradual development in other areas.

Putting all that argument aside, Labour would encourage our wider community to make their contributions to the Unitary Plan and to champion how we can develop the region that takes into consideration the future needs of population growth and earning a living, while at the same time striving to protect our environment and those activities that are important for the general wellbeing of our communities.

I hope that is useful to you.

With regards, Su’a


Su’a William Sio, Labour MP’

National Party View of Auckland Unitary Plan

Hear Simon O’ Connor of the National Party present the National Party view of Auckland City Unitary Plan. Please come to the May 2013 Ellerslie Residents Association public meeting at Leicester Hall, Findlay Street, Ellerslie on Monday May 20th, 2013. Details on the 2013 AGM and the Ellerslie Residents Association public meeting are here


N.B. Please note that the Auckland Unitary Plan and the Auckland Plan are 2 entirely different plans.

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