Minutes of ERA public meeting 16 May 2016

The meeting was held in Leicester Hall, Findlay Street, Ellerslie

  1. Welcome: Edgar Henson as Chairman welcomed the 70 people in attendance
  2. Official guests : Ken Baguley, Kit Parkinson, Desley Simpson (all OLB); Brett Clark (MTLB) and Brett Young (AC)
  3. Apologies: Bryce Bartley, Councillor Cameron Brewer, Colin Davie, David English, Barbara Lynch, Glen McCabe, and Dr Deborah Powell

Agenda Items

  1. The proposed sale of Liston Park for housing development. Edgar had prepared a 16 page document that was distributed to those in attendance. Motion That there be no sale of any part of Liston Park. Moved Edgar Henson/Bryan Johnston. After discussion this was carried by acclamation with one dissenting voice and the official guests abstaining as was their right.There was mention of the effect of the ground lighting on neighbours but the general consensus was that the only problem with the lights was that they are sometimes still lit at 2 am! ERA to write to AC about this. (Modern lights as at Michaels Avenue?)
  2. Stage Three of the Michaels Avenue Reserve development. Bryan Johnson spoke to a PowerPoint presentation. Motion?
  3. Noise and Pollution barriers on the motorway. (Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga MP for Maungakiekie) Edgar introduced the topic noting that
    • both Vic Crone and Phil Goff were appalled that Ellerslie wasn’t protected.
    • NZTA motorway widening project had come in under budget so funds could be available
    • Residents fear for their safety in the parking spaces at the north-western end of Findlay Street.
    • Several residents spoke in support of the need for barriers and Peseta Sam offered to take the meetings concerns to Simon Bridges, the Minister of Transport, and NZTA.
  4. Targeted rates Edgar introduced this issue and the discussion evolved not only around a  targeted rate of $5.50 per household to help the ERA advocate more effectively for projects of critical importance to the future of the suburb but also the need for more targeted rates so that the community would know that their rates were funding important local projects. Motion That AC be encouraged to set more targeted rates including those needed to fund effective residents’ associations. Edgar Henson/Cathy Summers. Carried unanimously (with the politicians abstaining)

Other issues

  1. Attendees were encouraged to stand for the OLB or MTLB
  2. The chair gave notice of the AGM set down for 15 August 2016 and encouraged people to nominate for the ERA committee.

The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m.