Do I live in Ellerslie?
The ERA view is that if you want to be included as an Ellerslie resident you are most welcome to be part of Auckland’s most liveable suburb. However, as a guideline the ERA accepts the boundaries set for Ellerslie in the 2006 Census.

How many people live in Ellerslie?
The only credible data was obtained in the 2006 Census. A total of 7,956 people living in 3,162 dwellings were recorded. A recent projection is that 8,647 people live in Ellerslie and there are estimated to be 3,600 dwellings. More accurate statistics will be available when the latest census is published.

You can view detailed information for Ellerslie North and Ellerslie South.

I would like to know which Local Board represents me?
Ellerslie residents are represented by three boards: The majority of Ellerslie falls within the Orakei Ward, parts of Ellerslie South are in the Maungakiekie Tamaki Ward or the Albert Eden Ward.

You can find out what your local ward is here.

Are the national electorate boundaries the same as Ward boundaries for Local Body elections?
No. It is quite confusing. For the last national election Ellerslie residents were either in the Maungakiekie electorate (MP Sam Lotu-iiga) or the Tamaki electorate (MP Simon O’Connor).

What information is available on traffic flows in Ellerslie?
Auckland Transport (AT) is responsible for monitoring traffic flows and the data collected is found on the AT website. Ellerslie traffic is not extensively monitored but this year the top end Ladies Mile is recorded as having a daily average of 3,349 travelling south and 9,633 travelling north. Traffic was also monitored on Main Highway between Walpole and Hudson Streets with a daily average of 4,165 travelling towards Ellerslie and 4,747 away from Ellerslie – a significant increase over the previous year. The seven day average along the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway is about 11,500 per day both ways.