Ellerslie’s parking has been studied

Part of the parking map of Ellerslie

Changes to Ellerslie parking have been recommended by Auckland Transport’s Parking Design office.

Their analysis of parking close to the Ellerslie town centre is available below.

It comes up with recommendations, which start off like this:

AT Parking Strategy parking intervention trigger point recommend review of parking management regime if the average occupancy for on-street parking regularly exceeds 85% during the four busiest hours in a day.

According to the parking survey, the average peak occupancy on most of the streets within the study area is well over 85% on regular basis and majority of the parked vehicles are staying for longer time period. Therefore, based on the findings and adhering to the parking policy, AT recommend new P120 parking time restrictions on sections of streets is introduced within the study area.

Click and read the full analysis here.
Click and see the plan mapped out, here.