Ellerslie Crime Report – May 2016 

community-policeThis is a report from Constable Marcus Weston at the Newmarket Police station

Ellerslie recorded an increase in property crime offences during May 2016 and going from 29 for April 2016 to 34 for the month. The biggest problem was burglaries with 16 offences recorded and closely followed by theft ex Car, 11 offences recorded.

Greenlane also recorded an increase going from 32 in April 2016 to 40 in May 2016. While burglary and theft ex car was high in Greenlane (12 occurrences for each offence) the biggest problem was vehicles being stolen or attempted to be stolen and that includes at least 3 recorded bicycle thefts. Such bicycle thefts tend to occur at schools/train stations in the area and the offenders often use bolt cutters to cut the chain and head to the nearest train station to leave the area.

A quick break down of these incidents are as follows:

Offenses in Ellerslie

Robbery: 0
Burglaries: 16
Theft ex Car (car break in’s): 11
Unlawfully takes M/V (includes attempted U/L takes): 7

Offenses in Greenlane:

Robbery: 1
Burglaries: 12
Theft ex Car: 12
Unlawfully takes M/V (includes attempted U/L takes): 15

Most offenses by street – Ellerslie

Michaels Ave: 4
Great South Road: 4
Main Highway: 4
Arthur St: 2
Wilkinson Rd: 2

Most offenses by street – Greenlane

Great South Road: 9
Wheturangi Rd: 3
Korau Rd: 3
Marewa Rd: 3

Please note that all the statistical information provided is not to be distributed to any outside agencies and is for Neighbourhood Support Groups only.

Vagrants in Ellerslie last month

The young vagrants mentioned hanging around Ellerslie in last month’s email seem to have moved on and some of our local street people are claiming credit for that! They told them they were causing a mess in the area outside the pharmacy and had a go at them for sleeping in a tent in the Ellerslie Domain so they moved on. I expected this was going to happen eventually so good result even though they weren’t really causing any issues.

Car washers

There is a current operation focussing on window washing in Auckland City and Greenlane/Great South Road is obviously a location of interest in terms of the operation. In saying that there hasn’t been much need to police the area lately as the usual suspects seem to be lying low at the moment. I encourage you to call police if window washers are hanging around an intersection and causing problems but please remember it is the council who are the enforcement and prosecuting agency in terms of the offence itself. Any intimidation, damage or violence exhibited by a window washer should always initiate a 111 call. Do not give them money for washing your windows especially if you didn’t ask for the job. Furthermore, most of these guys are property crime offenders meaning they break into your homes and take your stuff. They are not welcome in any neighbourhood let alone ours so let’s make them feel unwelcome!

Reporting crime

As always, should someone in your neighbourhood complain to you about being the victim of an historic crime i.e. the offenders have been and gone, then please encourage them to call the Crime Reporting Line on (09) 302 6400 and ask for CRL. The information can be entered into the Police system much faster and is tasked to forensic and investigative teams to follow-up with.