Ellerslie Community Update – August 2016

After years of lobbying and discussions about the Unitary Plan it is good to be able to report a couple of wins for the community. Even though at the time of writing the Governing body hadn’t given its verdict it was great to read that our submissions convinced the Independent panel to change some areas to “mixed use” which will give owners and developers much more flexibility as Ellerlsie develops over the next twenty or thirty years.

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Britomart entrance changes – update

The Build is ON! at Britomart Station

Downer Soletanche Bachy have started construction of Britomart station’s temporary accommodation, adjacent to Commerce Street this month. Britomart Station’s new entrance will open in January 2017 and will house customer facilities until the main entrance re-opens in three years time. The current entry to Britomart Station – the historic Chief Post Office building will be closed in 2017 for strengthening work prior to the City Rail Link tunnels being constructed.

The changes include:

The drop off/pick up area in Commerce Street is closed.
Entrance to the station is now through Lower Queen Street, Galway and Tyler Street entrances or the Takutai Square entrance.
Mobility parking spaces are available on Galway Street.

Ellerslie Crime Report – May 2016 

community-policeThis is a report from Constable Marcus Weston at the Newmarket Police station

Ellerslie recorded an increase in property crime offences during May 2016 and going from 29 for April 2016 to 34 for the month. The biggest problem was burglaries with 16 offences recorded and closely followed by theft ex Car, 11 offences recorded.

Greenlane also recorded an increase going from 32 in April 2016 to 40 in May 2016. While burglary and theft ex car was high in Greenlane (12 occurrences for each offence) the biggest problem was vehicles being stolen or attempted to be stolen and that includes at least 3 recorded bicycle thefts. Such bicycle thefts tend to occur at schools/train stations in the area and the offenders often use bolt cutters to cut the chain and head to the nearest train station to leave the area.

A quick break down of these incidents are as follows:
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Auckland Unitary Plan Mythbusters Busted

Busted! The Auckland Unitary Plan Mythbusters are now posted to Scoop yesterday. The Auckland City has been inundated with negative feedback to its PR angle.

The Auckland Council has been described as ‘spin doctoring’.

Mature, degreed people, those who have studied and /or practice in infrastructure, planning and city growth, oppose the Unitary Plan.

Auckland City Mythbusters are busted here! This rebuttal to the Auckland City Mythbusters makes a good read! You can read a response to Auckland Unitary Plan Mythbusters .

MP Political Views on Auckland Unitary Plan

Ellerslie Residents, and Aucklanders, are you wanting Labour Party and National Party views on the Auckland Unitary Plan?

Most Auckland residents do not want the Unitary Plan in its current form. Online sources like the Auckland City blog, and the Auckland City Facebook Page  show this, as well as in local public consultation meetings.

Recently Ellerslie Residents Association Chairman, Bryan Johnson asked for the Labour Party’s position on the Auckland Unitary Plan. Labour MP, Su’a William Sio replies to this. To hear the National Party viewpoint, by Simon O’Connor, come to the ERA’s Monday 20th May meeting at Leicester Hall, Findlay Street, Ellerslie.

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